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    Default Issued Breitling

    I started as a MWR member with the SWAF Lemanias last week and thought I would follow up with another issued watch. Issued - but not with much combat experience.

    You might not recognize the logo on the dial - it is of the Swedish company "AB Kronometer, Stockholm" a local agent (not sure if agent is the right word in English) who rebranded these and some other watches for the local market. The Breitling model name was Long Playing mod 815.

    Issued to personnel in the government owned telephone company "Televerket" and it is from around 1974-75. The Televerket staff who got these watches were "växelprovare" - which means they were, among other tasks, responsible for timing the switchboards (not sure of translation). People paid according to tariffs and specified periods - and the automated switchboards had to be checked for accuracy. At first they had ordinary hand held timers but they were easily left and forgotten. Enter the wristwatch AB Kronometer, Stockholm.

    Mine is in wonderful shape and houses a 7736 Valjoux. Size = 38mm not counting the crown. I have had my watchmaker to service the movement and I gave the case a good cleaning and some very light polish with a cloth and some Autosol.

    It looks like a very expensive watch (a little Daytona feeling maybe) but is actually not. I enjoy wearing it. I can imagine the växelprovare did too.





    Another strap but the important thing is the text. "Tillhör Televerket" translates to "Belongs to Televerket". The numbers "75001" are the Televerket individual number - the rest is Breitlings, where 815 identifies it as a mod. Long Playing and the rest is their serial number.

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    Great Looking Watch

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    Default Man, I like that watch...

    Thanks for posting this model.

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    Really nice watch JE,

    I wish I could pick up some things like that here in Norway, I'm praying for a RNoAF Heuer chrono but all the pilots and navs I know are from a new generation and have never heard of the Heuer!

    Congratulations on another great watch!!!!!

    hilsen from Tranby, Norway


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    Gorgeous! To bad Breitling doesn't make that watch today!

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