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Thread: Finished a Elgin WWI Pershing Project

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    Default Finished a Elgin WWI Pershing Project

    Hi All,
    Hope your Saturday is going well. Got my son back in school so had some time to work on a few projects. This is one of 6 I got on the bay a while back. All 6 looked like they had been painted black from the factory. May play with a little paint on one of them...Enjoy ....Scott

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    Default Nice...that cool air did you some good!

    Any luck with the Howard?

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    Hi Scott,

    Must be a case of the cobbler's children; you certainly finished my three Pershings lickty-split (with allowance for vacation).

    The black paint sure is interesting. Do all the movements date from WWI? Do any have an extra thick crystal? Any theories why they would be painted - I can only think that it increased contrast of the white numerals? Perhaps in an aircraft glare from the case might be a problem.

    Anyhow sorry for all the questions but early military watches and watchbands interest me and I'm not certain they are all that well covered in the literature.

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