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Main Forum This is the site for enthusiasts of military timepieces. All discussions related to military timepieces, and watches in general are welcome. While discussing non-issued watches and homage watches is permissible, misrepresentations and/or false claims of military provenance will not be tolerated. Secondly misrepresenting oneself as either a disinterested party or posting with a secondary or ulterior agenda (i.e. shilling) will not be acceptable. Please post your own personal watches for sale on the PX (not here.) Links to watches for sale are permissable as long as they are for discussion purposes. Links to fake and counterfeit watch sites are prohibited. While not mandatory, images of guns, knives, and Ninja spikes in conjunction with your watches are highly encouraged. There is a Zero Tolerance Policy in effect for rude and inconsiderate behavior. Opinions expressed here are those of the poster, and not necessarily those of the management. Any submissions to this site remain the property of the original author/contributor. Anonymous or inconsiderate postings may be deleted at the discretion of a moderator. Contact:

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Default Images from past auctions

Junghans J 30 E Borduhr Heeresführung Fliegeruhr

Closed: 136.57 USD - Bid Count: 11

Leonidas Military WW2 Army issue Gents watch ATP A.T.P.

Closed: 97.42 USD - Bid Count: 0

Timor Military WW2 Army issue Gents watch ATP A.T.P.

Closed: 97.42 USD - Bid Count: 0

WWII german Luftwaffe 8 day Kienzle messerschmitt airplane bomb clock

Closed: 282.0 USD - Bid Count: 23

Britische Militärbeobachtungsuhr 2WK circa 1941

Closed: 81.98 USD - Bid Count: 0


Closed: 261.53 USD - Bid Count: 15

British Army CWC G10 / W10 Watch Genuine Issue

Closed: 81.19 USD - Bid Count: 18

Military Pocket watch spares/repair

Closed: 40.59 USD - Bid Count: 0

WWII Royal Air Force - Aircraft Clock - Dated 1944

Closed: 303.63 USD - Bid Count: 15

WWII Army Morse Key (Key W.T. 8 AMP No 2 MK II)

Closed: 45.14 USD - Bid Count: 11

An Original WWII Mark I - Boat Clock U.S. Navy - Year: 1941, Serial NO: 4 3 5 3

Closed: 633.24 USD - Bid Count: 0

Order of the Invisible Ethereal Electron with Crossed Wizard's Wands
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