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Thread: eBay is weird—auction results

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    Default eBay is weird—auction results

    Here are links for two auctions I bid on this past weekend.

    Vintage WW2 Military Elgin Cal. 522 Wrist Watch

    I saw this auction as a movement and dial, with a spare case thrown in. For $100 in parts and a service, you could put together a $300 watch.

    Vintage WWII Bulova Elgin Military Issue US Army AAF Order Dept USA Watch Set 5

    I see this one as a complete early A-11, with a new crystal and service, a $300 watch. Plus, two $150 Bulova A-11’s, plus two sub second ordnance watches that aren’t terribly valuable.

    I guess it’s all in the listing and who sees the items. 🤷🏻*♂️

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    Default auction images

    Vintage WWII Bulova Elgin Military Issue US Army AAF Order Dept USA Watch Set 5

    Closed: 410.0 USD - Bid Count: 2

    Vintage WW2 Military Elgin Cal. 522 Wrist Watch

    Closed: 284.99 USD - Bid Count: 25

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    Interesting that those 3-piece Bulovas have different nomenclature on them but are from the same contract. I've only noticed the AAF version before.


    Martin (isologue)

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    Looks like some one over paid. I remember just buying a Junker A-11 for parts I needed for 60 bucks only the movement was worth saving at a NAWCC mart like that group of 5 looks like most of the cases are shot. More money than brains. That Elgin with white dial issued date 1944 got the wrong hands looks like hands from the WW1 era Elgin perishing dial and who knows what watch the sweep hand came from.

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    Buyer of the five could have NOS cases and dials sitting around and now has movements for them.

    At one time. I had a dozen NOS Omega watches cases from the 40's and a few from the 50's/60's


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    I’m the buyer of the group of five. I was mostly interested in the white dialed Elgin A-11 in the group, but saw enough value with the Bulovas to justify the price. The cases for the Bulovas look great to me, just need a trip through the ultrasonic to clean them up. The A-11 case might be ok—the other two, I’m sure I have nicer cases to swap out when I feel like messing with them.

    I thought the group of 5 would have gone for more, and I was surprised by how much the lone white dialed A-11 brought.

    I have 10ish 3 piece Star cased Bulova A-11s, the USAAF/AF US Army marks are mixed. I’ve never thought to look at them to figure out a date of switch.

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    Ebay can be really weird sometimes. Not long ago, I sold two, identical Seiko's a couple of weeks apart. Pure fluke meant I picked up one having just sold the other. The first went for about £75, as I expected, the second made nearly £300. The mind boggles.

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