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    I was going through some old papers regarding family history and this was in a booklet put together years ago by my mother's cousin. My great grandfather Lucian Bruce was a native of Vermont and was wounded at the Battle of the Wilderness in the Civil War. His grandfather Moses Bruce was one of the Minute Men who fought in the battle of Concord and Lexington to start the Revolutionary war. His service is noted in days as they were paid by the day. The other fellow mentioned Hayden was the grandfather of Lucian's wife. I've covered up personal information on letter as everyone is dead by now. Lucean's son Frank Moses Bruce (My grandfather's brother) was captain of the USS Bobolink a minesweeper operating in the North Sea 1919. He was killed when a mine exploded. The US Navy named a Destroyer 329 USS Bruce after Frank. He was awarded the Navy DSM.

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    Great find. I can't get back on my fathers side at all. I got to meet my great grandfather born 1884. His father and another man left Virginia sometime during the Civil War, and went to Missouri. We're guessing deserters or horse thieves, no one would every say.

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