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Thread: Watch-crown winding mandrels for arthritics

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    Default Watch-crown winding mandrels for arthritics

    Like many of us old codgers, I suffer from arthritis and find that winding tiddly watch-crowns ain't getting any easier. There is also a limit to the size of a new crown on classic watch.

    While the watch-crown winding mandrels from Bergeon etc do a wonderful job, I am very conscious of the damage the expanding metal collet can do to the crown and plated case! So, does anyone do plastic collets... or a battery-powered friction drive 'Huck-starter' for watches? Biggles would understand!


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    I have had several hand winders with tiny crowns or smooth/ worn badly, and use a cheap set of plastic tweezers that have teeth at the end.
    Works well for me.
    Farewell to WTU

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    Thanks. Teeth! - I remember those...

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    My father uses his cordless drill... He just closes the chuck on the crown and pulls the trigger.

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