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Thread: Guidance on a Jacques Monnat Chronograph

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    Default Guidance on a Jacques Monnat Chronograph

    I have the opportunity to buy a NOS of the above- Valjoux 7736 with a blue dial and 3 register and I believe bakelite bezel. The guy wants $1,550. Do I go for it? I've seen the watch.Thank you Community.


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    Hi. There have been a few in London retail 850 or in auction. I would say pleasant but not big. They suddenly appeared all at once. I don't know the origin. Ciao Ian.

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    As Ian states there has been a spate of these for sale all of a sudden. Seen loads on forums and offered by dealers.

    Whilst they are an attractive watch, after seeing the sixth for sale in a short space of time, I wondered if someone had bought a job lot of parts and assembled them for sale.

    I only say this because other equally unusual watches from this period don't often come to the market all at once, all in NOS condition - I don't think I've seen one for sale that's not NOS!

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