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Thread: Weather = wet and grey = reloading

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    If I still lived in Calif. I would be learning how to reload ammo only being able to buy only one box a month for the birds.

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    A safe room from his cat? WTF!! LOL.

    Quote Originally Posted by DaveH View Post
    The thing about California laws is that most are passed based on emotion instead of law or common sense. The Bullet button registration is late because they couldn't set up the mechanics of how and where to register. The same thing will happen with this ammunition rubbish. I know a very good gun guy named Mitch Lukisch. He is a collector of antique firearms and was hired by the State to help write the last AW laws in the 90s. He is the guy who wrote in the Curio and Relic aspects of the existing laws essentially making any guns over 50 years of age exempt from most of this bullshit. I talked to him a year ago at the Vallejo gunshow. He said the best thing to do with all of these stupid laws is to simply ignore them. Maybe he can, but I can't. I send $100 every few months to Calguns and they use the money to sue these socialists and mess with them, that works. Fight fire with fire. Ian, I could see this coming a long time ago and I will never have to buy another round of anything. There are some very good deals on ammunition at the gun shows. I bought 1000 rds of 9mm for under $250 500 is Brazillian, 500 is Italian. The only reason I had to buy that is I just got a S&W 39 last year. I love 45 to reload because you can use cheap lead bullets and Bullseye powder. 1700 shots to a pound.
    Moving to another state may work for a while, voting these shitheads out of office may be too late. They are exporting progressives to other states. Oregon is already lost and Washington is right behind. It is all about removing gender and common sense. There was some guy in Oregon who called 911 because his cat was being too aggressive. He and the family were in a safe room. You can't make this shit up.
    Carry on. And, I mean carry.

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    I love .45 ACP.

    Quote Originally Posted by ianp View Post
    Ohh, shiny

    1 and a half hours in the tumbler.

    Carry on. And, I mean carry.

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    This weekend's choice. Some samples that I need to run up to make sure that they all feed OK. Actually, I know the RN's are Ok and that one was pulled from a seating depth test.

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