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Thread: smiths deluxe an everyday watch service tale

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    Default smiths deluxe an everyday watch service tale

    just serviced and it's running approx + 5 secs /24 hrs...........perfect!

    watch repairer mentioned 'that's a quality movement' ................which was not heard when he cared for
    my other watches ........rolex etc!

    that's one in the eye for my rolex collecting friend who always pokes fun at 'the agricultural nature of smiths
    movements' he always adds!

    Mark L

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    Britain was built on agriculture!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brenellic2000 View Post
    Britain was built on agriculture!
    So was many a great nation... it seems these days they have moved on to aggro culture.

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    Nice A409.

    Nowt wrong wi' a Smiths, they are capable of very good timekeeping.

    I've never met a watchmaker who doesn't like them and these early 1950s Dennison cased ones are among my favourites: perfect period pieces, little time capsules.
    "Early this year I saw ex-army watches exhibited in a showcase at a little under 4 each. A week or two later I succeeded in buying one of them for 5. Recently their price seems to have risen to 8." (George Orwell, "As I Please", Tribune, 29th November 1946)

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