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Is there anything to say it's not original to the watch? It looks very like the chrome over brass winder on my Vertex WWW which I think is original to that watch, and there's no reason to suppose that steel winding crowns were fitted as new in 1945, after all - the case was chrome over a base metal and many ATPs (which, many forget, were close to the WWWs in both date and origins) used the same material for both case and winder.


Martin (isologue)

P.S. I'm interested in this detail particularly because I'm thinking of flogging the Vertex and I've only ever seen stainless crowns on that model, so an original winder would be a nice-to-have/keep.
Undeniable truth in what you say Martin. But with no back story it's just a bastardised Record. Case backs are plenty, i've several if Hookedseven wants one reasonably priced. Dial admittedly is quite interesting. Handset is interesting, though not quite the usual MOD handset? Now if some old file was found where Records WWW where sterilised for Covert missions, that would be another matter. Regardless if possibly original, that crown is flippin ugly, and i can't see a down side to replacing it with a bit of steel.