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    Hi all,

    I hit a milestone in my collection yesterday and thought I'd take it as an opportunity to share some pictures. Yesterday saw the arrival of a Pulsar Gen 2 which was the last of the RAF quartz chronographs which I had to pick up. Here's a quick photographic run down of the collection circa August 2017.

    Field Watches

    Leonidas GSTP

    This one was an impulse buy. I saw it in Snape Maltings in Suffolk. If you haven't been, it's a lovely looking place with a large shopping area where you can buy a faux antique set of weighing scales for roughly the price of a Ford Focus, probably. Aside from that you have a few smaller shops which tend to have some interesting stuff in there. Plus there's a decent pub called the Plough and Sail.

    Smiths 0552 1968

    This one is where it all started for me. The watch belonged to my father and had sat in a drawer for 30+ years. He noticed me looking at a Smiths W10 one day and mentioned he had one I could take. It had suffered from a failed mainspring some time in the early eighties and that caused it to be tucked away until Dad "got around to having it fixed". Suffice to say I ended up having it fixed.

    CWC G10 (W10) 1984

    This watch was a no brainer. It came up on eBay in excellent condition having a recent service at CWC. Plus it also happens to be from my birth year. I'm surely preaching to the choir here, but this is a great, simple, durable watch. I tend to wear this when I'm gardening, running or doing DIY as you can't even really feel you're wearing it. The seller was even kind enough to write a letter to accompany it. He had bought the watch from a surplus shop (maybe anchor supplies?) in Portsmouth in 1991 and worn it every day since.

    Divers Watches

    CWC RN Diver 1994

    After I got started with the watch collection and took an interest in military, I started looking at birth year issued watches. This brought me to find the oddball 1984 CWC autos, sometimes called the Hong Kong Specials. I had a chance to pick one up a few years ago and didn't go for it because it seemed like a horrible amount of money at the time. A lot of self kicking has since taken place. If someone has one to sell please PM me and we'll see if we can work something out. Anyway, as consolation prize I picked up a 1996 issued CWC diver from the PX and loved it. I somehow convinced myself to trade it a year later for a Lemania CAF watch. I found myself regretting the exchange and picked This 1994 example which is particularly nice from Mr H on the forum. Thanks Mr H.

    CWC SBS Diver 2001

    Having taken an interest in the CWC RN, I also saw that there was another variant for the SBS. I ended up getting this one from eBay (British Military Surplus) in a slightly sorry state. It was missing its Bezel and had a chip on the crystal so large that you could see directly through to the dial. It went off to CWC for a service where they replaced the crystal and also popped on a NOS bezel with a tritium pip. I tend to wear this one on the CWC touted Falklands issue blanket strap.


    Seiko Gen 1 1984

    I have always liked chronographs. When I was a young chap I used to have a casio digital watch with a stopwatch function and I used to time everything. I have also always liked Seiko as a brand for the level of quality without any associated snobbery (I put Smiths and Lemania in a similar category). Again as this was available as a birth year watch I had to pick one up. This one came via Mr H too, and it's great. Just the right amount of dings that I don't have to worry when I wear it. It wasn't until after I had purchased it that I looked into the movement. Really an excellent piece of kit and very serviceable. I have put a couple of links below for light reading if anyone missed them.

    Seiko Gen 2 1993

    The next piece on the RAF quartz chronos was this Seiko Gen 2. As you can see, this example isn't looking too handsome at the moment. Seems to have been left face down in a bootful of sand. I picked it up at an MOD disposal auction for a very reasonable price. Sold as "untested" but worked just fine as soon as I dropped a battery in. Always a nice surprise when that happens. It needs to be sent off to Seiko UK for a service and a spruce up. It's in my "when I get around to it" list but hopefully it won't take the 30 years and prove I am my father's son.

    Pulsar Gen 1 2008

    This was another no-brainer eBay find. It came for sale with a very attractive buy-it-now price and I did just that. It has recently had a service at Seiko UK where they had supplied the booklets it would have had from new. It's a nice chunky watch which is comfortable to wear. I do find the running centre second hand to be a bit odd, but certainly not enough to bother me.

    Pulsar Gen 2 2011

    I looked for a while to find a Pulsar Gen 2 at a price I was happy to pay. I ended up picking this one up on eBay this week. There seem to be more of these surfacing in the last few months. I haven't seen any at MOD online auctions but they are certainly finding their way out of the musty MOD cupboards this year. Perhaps I just haven't managed to sniff out all of them yet, or they're only available if you're sitting in the room.

    Now for some group shots

    Where does the collection go from here I hear you ask. I don't really know. I have managed to keep my discipline in finishing the sets I had started. I have been lusting after both a Lemania asymmetrical mono pusher (non-lume especially) and also the so called Fab Four chronos. I also recently picked up a Hamilton H-67 for a friend which was a very nice watch. I like the idea of a 1980 CWC fat case navigator (block logo) which I missed out on purchasing not once, but twice. The first was due to being on holiday and the second was due to a laptop disaster on the day of the auction. The first step will be to get the funds topped up again and we'll go from there.

    Thanks for looking at my post and I would also like to thank Mr H, DW9000 for selling me watches, all the moderators, and all contributors. This forum is a wealth of information and a very welcoming place too. I'm glad to be part of it.


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    Hi Joe,

    Very lovely collection you have there. You've done a great job curating the set and it really shows. And how lucky you are to have the Smiths Mil watch that belonged to your father. That alone is a story worth telling. If I'm not mistaken, isn't it quite unusual for this watch to have the 0552 designation? Would love to hear the history of this watch.

    Again, congratulations and thanks for sharing your lovely collection.


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    Thanks for your kind words Myron. The Navy designated Smiths is a rare bird. I have logged my case marking on the official thread and also with Terry Andrews. I believe there were less than twenty known pieces at last count but maybe Terry has some info there. It was always going to be a keeper having come from my father, but the rarity adds to the attachment further.

    This seems to be a good opportunity to also thank Terry for his council. I have asked him various questions in the last year or so and he has always been gracious in sharing his knowledge.

    MWR link here


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    Lovely!!! my kind of watches

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    Wonderful collection Joe. I especially like the Leonidas and your father's Smiths. And your pics are very well done! Will look forward to seeing another update in the future.

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    I think this is a really balanced and well constructed collection: quantity, era, services, British focus. A
    lot of thought has gone into this. My own collection was very random, needed serious culling. It's a bit better these days.
    Law's in the wash this week

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    Very, very nice indeed!

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    Thanks guys. I am moving the Pulsars along to make way for a Seiko gen 2 non-lume. After that I need to calm down for a while...


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    Great Collection!

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    Nice collection, thanks for sharing! I always find it interesting to see what people focus on in their collections.

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