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Thread: A cool story of a RAF Pilot

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    Default A cool story of a RAF Pilot

    Here is a interesting story of a RAF bomber pilot who was born in Germany and Jewish his story could be turned into a movie stuff you find on the net doing research. Mite have to get the book about him. He was also a POW if the Germans found out he was a Jewish would of been dead in an instant. He changed his name to join the RAF due to being a enemy alien being German and bomb his own country think I would of been pissed like that if I was Jewish. He kept the name he used to get into the RAF until he died keeping it a secret his wife and kids never knew.

    Here is a link for the book about this RAF Pilot mite have to order it. ... B00AE7DEPW

    And some more info

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    The Amazon link is not correct. It should be:

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