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Thread: 1982 Precista Automatic Diver - Replacement Bezel

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    Default 1982 Precista Automatic Diver - Replacement Bezel

    I may be able to get a small batch of bezels manufactured for the above watch. The bezel will be two piece made from stainless steel with PVD/DLC finish. It will have an insert similar in appearance to the original alloy bezel as its is not practical to manufacture a one piece bezel. I'm not keen to make it in alloy as the original bezels are of poor quality and any replacement should be an improvement in my opinion. This is the spec I've decided on.

    + 38.50 mm OD nominal
    + 316L corrosion resistant steel
    + Edge 120 serrations/knurls
    + PVD/DLC coated
    + Bezel insert with font / markings similar to the original
    + Inverted lume triangle @ 12 (Patina colour)
    + Bi-directional (no clicks)
    + Retaining wire spring attachment

    Budgetary cost based on 10 pieces will be somewhere between 360 - 400 each plus postage. If the demand is for more than 10 pieces the price would be cheaper, I will take 3, so I'm hoping for an additional 7 bezels from other collectors.

    If anyone is interested, please PM or email me so I can get an idea if it is feasible. Delivery around 4 months or so.


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    Any more interest out there? I don't have the numbers to make this viable at the moment.

    PM or email me if interested please.


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    You get me a watch, I'll take a bezel!

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    I thought there was a list of donor watches for this one? Don't recall them being expensive, but then again they are probably hard to find and who knows with today's prices. Good luck and add me to the list of find me a watch first.

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    The reality is that donor watches are harder to find than a Precista.

    If you can find a donor watch let's talk!


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    Sent you a mail Terry. Might need one.

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