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Thread: What movement does a SandY 184 circa 1985 have?

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    Default What movement does a SandY 184 circa 1985 have?

    I thought they were 1 jewel pin lever movements but the seller is claiming a 17 jewel but he hasn't actually seen the movement.

    This isn't a picture of the watch I saw but it is the same:

    Picture belongs to CWC member xpatUSA
    Thank you kindly.

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    Thank you kindly.

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    He has one for sell has a movement shot if you click links but a Chinese movement in a US issued watch

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    Thanks for that link river rat. The one I saw was a 184 rather than 184A.
    Thank you kindly.

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    It took several different searches but I found this website:

    It lists both the 184 and 184A as having 1 jewel movements.
    Thank you kindly.

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    The 184A and 184-1 use the same 17-jewel Asian-made movement. Made to the same D mil spec. The 184 numbers are Stocker & Yale model specification, not the military's. The 184 is an earlier model made to the C spec and probably 7 jewels (I don't ever recall seeing a mil watch with one jewel but who knows) but I don't have one to take apart. I did disassemble a 184A and a 184-1 and the movements are identical.

    Ed @ The Hack Watch

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    Thanks much for your post Ed

    The above link listed 1 jewel and on another post on this forum a member also stated 1 jewel so I assumed the info was correct.

    At this point I'm curious enough to buy the watch just to see the movement.
    Thank you kindly.

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    Default PICS

    I managed to find an unmolested 184 and here is a pic of the movement (indeed one jewel) along with the 17-jewel movement of the 184A. But you have to love the screws holding on the dial.


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