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    Default Cal 0104 Military Style

    I brought this along to the Mk 10 talk last night in London.

    Interestingly, the typeface of the numbers, the rail track markers, and "Made in England" are exactly the same as an earlier '55 - '56 Smiths Deluxe GS (6B/542). Presumably they re-used the die made for dial printing? Also, the hands appear to be identical. Did they use old stock?

    Anyway, I'm not sure what year this movement would have been made.

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    Theoretically volume production ran from 1959-62. The dial may well have been intended for a military version or possibly Government departments (the W.10 was offered briefly to civilians) but it seems more likely this was a trial batch. The Smiths Empire/Ingersoll pin-pallet range had a very early double-dot 12 military dial!

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    And I thought that I was unique in owning one of these. So much for that. I got mine from James Merrens who told me it was a prototype and that was as far as it went. When I get the chance, I like to say it was a watch that never went into production, made by a watch co. that no longer makes watches.

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