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Thread: Vintage Smiths Deluxe with Extras!!

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    Default Vintage Smiths Deluxe with Extras!!

    Hi All,

    I acquired a Smiths Deluxe last week. I know very little about Smiths watches but do own a W10 and a Smiths Everest from the sixties..

    I couldn't let the opportunity pass on this one so made the decision to purchase and here it is...

    It's in very nice condition. I believe it's the A404 model?
    It has a snapback two piece case which is very tidy. Lovely movement running strongly and serial number C245111. Not sure what year of production that equates too??

    The added bonus with the watch is it came with original box(es) and paperwork I think!!

    Kind regards


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    You won't be disappointed! The 12.15 sub-secs is regarded as the best Smiths movement. By definition, A4xx model has a 'waterproof' case but if it has a snap back it is unlikely to be 'waterproof' so is more likely another, but similar model. I am getting closer to serial number dating but it is still a quite vague area!


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    Cup of tea over... its more likely a common or garden, lesser spotted A224 of circa 1952-54.

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    That's lovely! Yes, A224 -- same as A404 except for the case.

    Nice to see the original box and papers too.
    "Early this year I saw ex-army watches exhibited in a showcase at a little under 4 each. A week or two later I succeeded in buying one of them for 5. Recently their price seems to have risen to 8." (George Orwell, "As I Please", Tribune, 29th November 1946)

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