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    Hypothetically, if someone misread an auction listing and bought a RAF 8 day clock missing a platform, where would that person source one? I don't care if it is from another RAF clock but just want the thing to work.

    Thanks for any leads/direction anyone might be able to offer.

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    Hi, it depends on what movement is in the clock. Smiths RAF wall clocks use the Empire movement and the Astral 123/Coventry. If the clock has the 14inch dial then i think it should have the Astral 123. It it very difficult to get a spare platform in good working order. It is either the bottom underside or top pivot that snaps. If its the hairspring then i think that can be sorted. For me its easier and cheaper to buy a clock in good working order with the same movement and then break it for parts. I don't know if this is any help. I forgot to say the balance on the Smiths Empire, Astral and also the Smiths 156 are not interchangeable. Clive

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