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Thread: WW2 Camillus MK2 USMC knife.....

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    Default WW2 Camillus MK2 USMC knife.....

    I wanted to show you guys my WW2 USMC MK2 'utility knife' that arrived a couple of weeks ago.
    It's in pretty good condition with a much of the original finish present and leather washers in the grip tight. The leather sheath is in nice condition and the snap works fine. This is a 1944/45 guard marked version.

    Probably most marines called their MK2 knive a 'ka-bar', but Ka-Bar were just one of the makers of the USMC MK2 knife. Overall it is nicer than I expected.

    Hope you like it. Cheer, John
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    Nice one John. Original finish not sharpened, that sheath is worth $40-50.
    Now go find some dimbulb to gut. Is that a musette bag? I have a perfect WW2 example.

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