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Thread: Racing in Uniform

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    Default Racing in Uniform

    Thought some of you might like reading this article, I know I did.

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    I live in Santa Rosa. This guy was all over the local paper and apparently a lot of officers are doing this all over the state. Locally the law enforcement community is having serious PR problems. They shoot a lot of people and are handcuffed when trying to deal with the homeless and illegal mobs. We have hundreds of freeloading petty criminals disguised as homeless unfortunates and 30,000+ illegal Mexicans driving with no license or insurance. The progressive dildos who run the city and county are having the time of their lives shoving their political agenda down the throats of the taxpaying property owners. $325MUS is spent each year handing out free shit to people who don't belong here or have decided to sit on their asses and let us support them. The cops are stuck in the middle. They are told to ignore crimes that are committed by these folks and at the same time must deal with the gangs and drug dealers who shoot back. As an example: an illegal guy was busted last week for a felon being in possession of a firearm. He had AK 47, AR, handguns, large amounts of cocaine, heroin. meth and whatever. He made bail and a week later was busted again for he same thing. This time he had a 9mm automatic and a drum magazine (similar to a Luger mag) that had to hold over 100 rounds along with an extended magazine that has to hold 30 rounds. This and maybe a pound of cocaine. Since Santa Rosa has been declared a "Sanctuary city" by the communists who run things, this guy will be back on the street all forgiven. The police are stuck in the middle of this madness.

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