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Thread: Viet Nam era GGW-113?

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    Default Viet Nam era GGW-113?


    The watch I wore in Viet Nam for a short time and kept after it quit working (due to a water dunk) is what I thought was a GGW-113, but the markings on the back do not indicate that. To wit:

    Date Mar 1969
    cont no GS 06S 2014
    serial no 011680
    mfg part no xz73065
    mil k 818b
    Wrist Watch DTU-2a/p
    fed stock no 6645-066-4729

    I would like to put it back into working order and have a GGW-113 that was issued to me later in my USAF career. Is it possible to swap movements and who here in the US deals in this type of work? The watch sellers in my area won't touch the project with a ten foot pole.



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    I highly recommend Jack Alexyon of International Watch Works. Aside from being the Marathon warranty repair entity, he is expert at all other thers of watch repair.

    (919) 462-1873

    I used him on a dial restoration project and was completely satisfied. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give him a 12...
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    Am sure you will hear it from anyone who accepts your project, but your issued watch sounds like a Benrus 3818B or DTU2-A/P, with a DR2F2 movement, and while Benrus did make watches to the GGW113 specs, I believe most GGW113s are actually Hamiltons with a different movement, which would NOT swap. You might be better served for time and expenses by just restoring the DR2F2.

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    Here is a site to look at:

    If you decide to have it come back to life let me know. I have a number of these movements...Thank you for your service...Scott

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    Scott has my recommendation too for the work.

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