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Thread: Libyan airforce Chronograph - military Zodiac

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    Default Libyan airforce Chronograph - military Zodiac

    some weeks before theres was a watch for sale here and some really interesting facts
    about this watch we found there. I think it is important to save these informations
    about a watch we find not often (and also not often we find information about).

    also i hope, that i can give sone further nformation.

    (watch from my collection)

    It's a military Zodiac 280 GX Heuer made Pasadena Valjoux 7750 Libyan Air Force watch.

    This watch was for the Arab Libyan Air Force (this is, what is written on the the patch)

    Heuer allowed Zodiac to brand the Pasadena model with the Zodiac name, but the watch
    is indeed made by Heuer same ref-model-280GX.

    The czech military watch collectors know a lot about these watches, because
    Czechoslovakia delivered the Albatros jet to Lybia and also send the czech pilots
    to train/instruct the lybian pilots. the black anodized watches should be given as
    a present personally by Gaddafi to the czech pilots.

    The patch seems to stand for the flight school near by Tripoli, where they trained.

    nice 42 mm (without crown) military watch



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    Don`t know anything about Libyan airforce but the Valjoux 7750 has been repetedly rejected as movement for air force chronographs in several european countries because of unreliable function at high acceleration. The old Lemania 5100 proved to be far more stable.

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