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Thread: Ingersoll military watches 1930s/1940s

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    Default Ingersoll military watches 1930s/1940s

    Ingersoll, in Britain, made pocket-watches pre- and post-war (the latter with Smiths as their 'Empire') based on the American 19-ligne movement.

    Ingersoll are said to have made watches to government order immediately before WW.II (which model and how many?) before turning to 'assembling watches for the government' (whose?) along with war-work/engineering (such as their later locks).

    Ken's (HQSandeman) current post on watch disposals refers to a handful of Ingersoll VC7220 watches, presumably army GTSP type - but were these white-dial or Radiolite luminous... or something else?

    Over to Ingersoll connoisseurs!


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