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Thread: A.M. 6B/221 Stopwatch.

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    Default A.M. 6B/221 Stopwatch.


    Help needed with the movement maker on this one. I have an idea it maybe Lemania but would welcome experts advice / input.
    Many thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,

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    Hi Nick,
    This is certainly the model that is conventionally referred to as a Lemania, some examples of which turn up with Lemania branded dials. (The branded dials seen may be replacements but the original typography is identical, and I have a Lemania-branded 6B/117). However, unlike the 'Breitlings' which show Venus 122 stamping under the dials, none of the 'Lemanias' that I have taken apart shows anything but raw metal under the dial. That might support the idea of course that they are Lemanias. Oddly, the 1939/40 6B/117 issue used a nicely-finished gilt frosted version of the movement but pre-war and 1942 issues show the rather agricultural plain metal finish (cruder if anything than the contemporary Smiths 6B/221 issue). Yours of course shows the 6B/221 dial that was applied to both new and old Swiss-made Mark III stopwatches from 1941 onwards.
    Hope this helps.
    Martin (isologue)

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    Many thanks for that Martin. Very helpful indeed.
    Kind regards,

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