I bought this clock online from India.

It is a Duverdrey et Bloquel mechanism with an enamel dial with the military crows Foot - an I for India and a number.

D&B with the lion mark were in business from 1898 to 1928. The plates have 770 stamped on both.

It appears to have been well used and was very dirty. The platform escapement was goosed' there was knurled knob rammed on the adjuster and no case.

I have cleaned it, oiled it and replaced the escapement. I have mounted in in an Edwardian Lancet case.

The image of the mechanism is before cleaning etc.

I can find no mention of British clocks in India and especially not one ordered from France.

Does anyone have any knowedge of similar clocks. The number 792 suggests there were more...

DSC_0009 DSC_0015 DSC_0013