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Thread: Seiko Gen1 vs Pulsar Gen1

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    Default Seiko Gen1 vs Pulsar Gen1

    which one would you prefer to collect, and why? thanks in advance,

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    slimline vs chunky.

    well the seiko gen 1 was a military only model..

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    I have both and I would say the Seiko Gen 1 is a nicer watch. Mechanically, it's a high quality 15 jewel movement and I believe the Pulsar in a non-jewelled movement. I prefer the styling of the Seiko with the tri-compax register layout, plus the crown and pushers being in opposite corners.

    With the Pulsar you gain the feature of a date display which is important to some and it's a larger size which many will prefer. The centre second hand is the running hand and the chrono second is in a sub register which I always thought was a bit weird. I've posted a recent pic of my ones. It doesn't really show the size difference but the Pulsar certainly wears a lot bigger, mainly due to the thickness.

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    seiko is nicer/better but is way more expensive

    pulsar is a cool watch at good value price

    Mark L

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    The Pulsar gets wrist time because it's a nice modern size and has great presence. But if forced to keep just one, I'd keep the Seiko because it's got the better quality, history, and balanced dial layout.

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    Interesting topic, I was just looking at my Seiko's Gen 2 and wondering whether I should keep my Civvie version of the Gen 1 Pulsar. Whilst the Seiko is a more refined watch, as has been said the Pulsar wears better and does look a nice watch. I think this is not only because of the physical size but the clarity and presence that size has on the dial.

    My Pulsar just doesn't get the wrist time which is a shame... is it worth keeping these Civvie versions or flip it and hang out for an issued??

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