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    Dear friends, quite seldom these interesting watches appear in the market.
    Logos, writings and crests are misterious snd difficult to understand...
    Is there anybody that could help me to translate and identify?

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    The watches are made by the Israeli watch company Adi as special orders for various IDF units. These are not typically issued watches, but more of a unit purchase by/for members of the unit.

    The particular watch has the words "גדוד רם" which translates to "Ram (name) Battalion". This particular name has been used for a number of units and based on the logo, I believe this is the 66th IDF battalion which was an anti-aircraft battalion (specialized in using Stinger missiles). This battalion is no longer in existence and has been converted to the 668th battalion, which is part of the Home Front Command.
    Hope this helps.

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    Wow, Joe! This help very much!
    I cannot image anything better!

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    Wow, there's was an amazing thread about that watches in an Italian forum made by a master in research of "unissued military watch" (an interesting branch inside the military watch area) full of pictures of them worn in action and during training.

    One day somebody said: "if you see a basket of watches full of watches with issue number and also unissued watch but worn on the field everyday by special forces and military personell as well, what you will take?"

    For sure I will take both!

    I know people that was totally laughing about ADI watch and other unissued watch used on the field, and they wrote boring essai of what is a military watch and what not... now some of them are asking info in ADI or other unissued utilized military watches LOL

    My favorite watchmaker

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