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Thread: How Not to Advertise a Watch on Ebay - Smiths Everest

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    Incredible thought those days on eBay had gone - all the seller had to do was read the dial...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brenellic2000 View Post
    l would suggest this is unlikely the original strap... the gap beween the strap and lugs is 'large' for a watchmaker-fitted strap... or if it is original it is well worn at the lugs which conflicts with the lack of wear on the case-back. Besides, the watch case, having drilled through lugs, would not ordinarily be fitted with a cheap clasp-type open ended strap!
    Remember that leather straps can shrink a little and this looks like it's an 18mm that's lost <1mm so I'd say it was once good and right for the watch, rather than the lugs having worn. Open-ended straps weren't and aren't necessarily cheaper either. As to whether it's the original strap -- the low milage on the case and general lack of wear suggests it might be but I'd guess not.

    Anyway, great to see it's all there -- a solid gold DA case, too. Careful with those key slots! Hallmark should be something like 1962-64, with the watch usually the same year or or year or so later.

    Good score!
    "Early this year I saw ex-army watches exhibited in a showcase at a little under 4 each. A week or two later I succeeded in buying one of them for 5. Recently their price seems to have risen to 8." (George Orwell, "As I Please", Tribune, 29th November 1946)

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