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Thread: I saw these and thought of you.

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    Default I saw these and thought of you.

    Some magazines, downloadable and thousands of 'em.

    "Yank", the Army magazine. Many editions throughout WW2.

    This next link, hover cursor over "date archived" and click on "date published" for best results. Many different flying-oriented magazines, but when you scroll down and more load you will get to the Airforce Magazine during WW2.

    I know some of you may like arms and guns and stuff, so these two links are for "Firearms And Edged Weapons, A New York Collection", parts 1 & 2. Some lovely photos of a great collection from 1921/22.

    Operating manual (TM 9-1005-317-10) for the Barreta (sic) M9 9mm.

    Have at it.
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