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Thread: Zulu Time: Development of the British General Service Wristwatch

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    Default Zulu Time: Development of the British General Service Wristwatch

    Some MWRines may be interested in a recently published article on the development of the British General Service Wristwatch which appeared over two consecutive editions of the British Institute’s Horological Journal – October and November 2012. The British Horological Institute ( has kindly provided permission for the article to be reproduced on the MWR main forum (many thanks to the HJ editor!).

    The article was prepared using a large cache of primary sources ferreted out by me over the past four + years.

    A special thanks to the following MWRines for their valuable assistance when preparing the article: Terry Andrews, James Dowling, Ian Parkin and John Senior.

    Please note that Dr Konrad Knirim generously provided many photos for the article. Konrad has helped me not only with this project, but many others that are in the pipeline. He is a true gentleman. If you do not have a copy of Dr Knirim’s book on British Military Timepieces, then now is a good time to send someone a not-too-subtle gift hint. See Bob’s sticky post above entitled “MWR recommends: Konrad Knirim: German & British Military Timepieces (Vol I & Vol II)” for further details on how to purchase the book(s).

    If a PDF copy of my article is preferred, please PM me your email address and I will forward a copy.

    I welcome any questions or feedback.



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    Default Bravo Ken..

    ..a MOST interesting and well researched read which should belong as a sticky here. It was interesting that you included the Aussie Smiths Deluxe and that we now know a little more about its origins. Sadly the receiving branch of service is not noted so we are still in the dark regarding this..

    Congrats once again


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    Default Thank You

    THANK YOU - This is one essential reference with a definite place in the MWR archives IMHO

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    Default A great edition to the forum - thank you!

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    Default Thanks Ken, great job!

    You've provided collectors around the world a comprehensive and well written artiicle which will be referred to for years to come.

    Good on you Cobber!

    Kind regards

    Chris in Melbourne

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    Default Thanks Ken

    Great work and info, a valuable contribution to this fascinating subject of military watch collecting

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    Default Thanks MWR

    Thank you for the positive feedback. I really appreciate it.

    BTW, Iím in the process of finalising a second military timepiece article (hopefully it will be published in early 2013).

    Another project which I have been thinking about starting is the creation of a list of British pocket watches/timers issued during WWII. I have extensive information on such timepieces, but I would like to include photos of each if possible (there are a lot!). If anyone has a sizable collection of such timepieces, or has an unusual British military pocket watch/timer from the 1930s-40s, please feel free to contact me.

    Finally, thanks to Bob for creating MWR. Iím a member of other forums, but I find it very refreshing not to be bombarded with advertising when logging on to MWR.

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    Default Congratulations Ken.

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    Post Ken...

    ... so that's why you wanted to buy an Omega '53; an excellent and well researched and photographed article, I really enjoyed digesting it, thanks again.

    Now looking forward to reading the next one.

    Best regards,


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    Default Next Article

    Thanks Dave. Yes, that's my '53 RAF Omega featured in the article.

    Hopefully, my next article will be published early in the new year.

    best regards


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    Great article Ken, all I need now is a great big fat arrow Omega, which I still donīt have in my collection...


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    I would like an original paper copy of this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by petahwong View Post
    I would like an original paper copy of this...
    You could try contacting the BHI and ask for a copy:

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