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Thread: Looking for a watchmaker to work on a Lemania 6BB on button chrono

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    Default Looking for a watchmaker to work on a Lemania 6BB on button chrono

    I would appreciate any recommendations. Center chrono second hand is not resetting to zero and has some creep. Otherwise functioning well.


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    it will probably be a good idea to state what country you reside in.

    it sounds like the chrono sweep hand *may* be slipping - the tube *may* be split..

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    Apologies, I am in Seattle USA. Happy to ship out to the right watchmaker though.

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    Mine is also shifted a little bit. Anyone in Hong King can fix it?

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    I used this guy before on a Hanhart 417 he did a good job but mine was the last Hanhart he will touch another member told me he is in Oregon yours not a Hanhart so give him a email with photo's of the watch and see if he will repair it.
    Then a member here sells and repairs vintage watches who also in the USA who knows military watches so mite be your best bet. I ship watches for repair it's scares me each time it's in the mail.

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    Hi Alfanator,

    I have used Mr. Kelly Hunter of Art of the Watch. He's in Portland, Oregon so not too far from you. He sympathetically restored a 1970 non-military Hamilton 7733 of mine and did a great job. I do not know of his expertise with military-issued watches, but he is very good with chronograph movements from this period.

    Good luck,


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