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Thread: What do you think of this Benrus Type II from 1976?

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    Default What do you think of this Benrus Type II from 1976?

    From outside it looks correct (dial, hands, and bezel insert) with the correct crown, but no shot of the movement or left side of case where you can actually see press marks.

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    Looks good at a glance. I did notice that there is a dark circular spot on the upper right lug, presumably where the fixed bar was inserted. However, in the pic the "spot" looks too small a diameter. On most cases, the bars were inserted from this side of the case and no visable sign of the bars as seen on the cases left side lugs. The spot appears high up on the lug and well toward the end of the lug, where as, viewed from the case back, the bars appear close too the case as is Maybe just me looking at it wrong. Most of all, I see no evidence of strap marks on case back ? Hmmm? A few pics of the movement will tell a better story of course.

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    Yes. looks good to me as well. Of course, it's always best when you can see a pic of the movement. On this one, the patina looks correct, the bezel, dial, hands, and crown all look good, too.

    For the bars that J.Carmichael mentions... I can see that the bar has rotated slightly in the case. This is quite common and it can be rotated back. If it keeps moving and it bothers you, it can be remedied by either roughing the end of the bar that goes into the non-drilled side, or dropping a small bit of crystal cement in the lug hole. The latter causes no damage to the watch and can be very easily undone since crystal cement is easy to peel away, but strong enough to keep the bar from turning in the hole.

    Looks good to me.

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    Still seems odd that the bars would be so bent up, yet no strap marks or wearing to case or bezel serrations etc...........just suspect until I could see movement. I have seen many NOS in the box examples of these both in class A and Class B versions, and even a couple with original spring bars instead of fixed bars. Granted, I have had a few of these and the finish is really tough, yet always shows evidence of strap use on case back...........just say'n

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    The case looks bead blasted on mine were the case is untouched the case back issue marks are dark from age and the case has a darker grey color than the one for sale. Dam these have doubled in price since I got mine from the PX many years ago.

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    Default images

    Benrus Type ll Class A UDT Divers Ca.1976

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    Agreed with all comments, and it's a good price too. I would risk it at that price.

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    Edges usually are almost striated, this appears smooth and bead blasted to echo comment above

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    Sorry to disagree, gents, but I think the case looks ok. Two things tell me that... (1) I do see striations on the backs of the lugs and (2) I see a shiny spot in the middle of the back from strap wear.

    As for the bent bars, I have seen this lots of times on fixed bar watches. Lots of times, owners bent the bars slightly to accommodate a thicker strap. This usually happens when someone wanted a leather strap instead of a canvas/nylon strap. They're a pain to make straight again.

    The price is top dollar for a TII, but if the case is unmolested (as I think it may be) and the movement is good, it would be a fine watch, though if you are patient, you might be able to save a few hundred if the right one comes along.

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    I am used to looking for the striations on the case sides (I said edges above). What I meant was the case sides and if you look at the shot with the crown, which is detailed enough to show the dimple clearly on the crown, I usually see striations. I saved the pic to my desktop then I zoomed way in and I MAY be able to make them out. I just have not had to do that before, usually when someone takes a pic with the dimple the striations are clear enough to see. So I still think this has been messed with or if it isn't I suppose it would be in the realm of possibility that they are just a bad photographer (I realize I am too, so no offense to anyone intended).

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