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Thread: Opinions please - Benrus DTU

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    Default Opinions please - Benrus DTU

    I'm craving one of these. Can I please get the forum's opinion on this one regarding authenticity?

    Is the crown original? How about relume?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    All looks fine to me and the recent service is an extra bonus. Typically from a serviced DTU you should expect good timekeeping within +/-10sec per day.
    I think I can see the dimple mark on the crown in the second last picture confirming that also the crown is original.
    With regard to the lume, i'm quite sure it's original and in very good condition (i.e. not in many watches the tip of the second hand is still darker than the rest of the hand). The white paint on the hands appears to be yellower than usual, however it doesn't look suspicious to me.
    One thing to notice is the unusual contract number that may add some value to the watch.

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    Default auction images

    Benrus Military Watch DTU-2A/P MIL-W-3818B For The Vietnam War Issued In 1965

    Price: US $328.00 - Buy it now

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