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Thread: Need an Opinion on my clock

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    Default Need an Opinion on my clock

    I have this little Smith bulkhead clock, and as you can see, the dial is almost gone. Should I leave the dial, or, refinish it.

    And if anyone knows where I can find a second hand for it let me know.




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    Personally I would get Dial Restored and a good Clock Repairer should be able to make a Second Hand . Or take lots of photos before starting and have a go yourself depending on your capabilities/expertise. There were a few Bulkhead Clocks for sale labelled "Spares/Restoration" at the Watch and Clock Fair last weekend.

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    If you find someone who has the same clock with a good dial and prepared to let you scan the dial, you could get a high definition vinyl print which you could overlay on your clock face. (would not be original paint or enamel but would look a lot better) .

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    I personally don't mind the dial and would rather have it all original, just my vote...but then again I have a timeclock that was in my great grandfathers factory and it lived through a factory fire, so I think mine may be not as well off as yours. Then again, I cherish it as it is part of the history.

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