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    The date window on my Oris Pilot watch shows 31. I think I need a dial without a window.

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    I don't even bother with my date window on the GMT, I can't see it anyway. Went shooting Thursday and it wasn't pretty. The front sight is just a blur. By the way, Obama had signed an executive order banning all lead ammunition on federal land by 2020. Trump's new sec of the interior Ryan Zinke a Navy Seal from Montana, just tossed that little gem out of the things to do left by the commie from Chicago. Obama, a champion of the poor, along with Michelle both signed book deals with a $62M advance. This my friends is how money is cleaned and delivered to corrupt ex presidents. This should get the virtue signalers all in a wad. If the drunk had won, we'd be screwed royally by now.

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