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Thread: Now this is a knife

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    Default Now this is a knife

    Now this is a knife like Crocodile Dundee said in that movie.

    Picked this up today up in Billing MT antique show it was issued to the Argentinians had the same coat of arms as my issued Argentine Federal Police 1911 thought dam that would go good with it the 1911 was issued in 1932 and the huge knife around 1909 and was made by a German Company Weyersberg Kirchbaum & CO Solingen It has matching numbers on the handle and sheave. Dam those cops in Argentina carried some serous hardware.

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    That's more like an Ames Boarding cutlass. You could gut an elephant with that thing.

    I really like that Argentine Colt. They are the best bargain out there. Much better than the Ballester Molina.

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