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Thread: xxBest Nato Straps on the Planet ! (And at a reasonable price)

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    Default xxBest Nato Straps on the Planet ! (And at a reasonable price)

    Today I went to a local Jewelry shop, who is an authorized Rolex Dealer as well. I went in to get the spring bars on my Tudor snowflake replace since they had been in there for several years and I wear it daily. While waiting for the Rolex mechanic to perform this task, I looked at all the watches. I found a nice nato strap, similar to a bond color scheme in the case with the Omega watches. There was only one strap. Upon returning with my watch, I asked to see the strap. The person told me, those are $180.00. I didn't see a gun in his hand so I wasn't being robbed, not yet anyway. I asked what else does the strap do ? In my head though I was thinking, for $180.00 I want S#*@ed and F^*-ed and dinner too! This was a really posh store in one of the country's snootiest cities (Carmel by the Sea) so I knew the gentleman wouldn't get what I thought about that. He did resond though proudly stating...."It's an Omega Strap"

    I paid for the spring bars and slipped out side hoping no one would see me wearing a Tudor, let alone a Pheonix nato strap.

    I went straight to a broker and got some stock in Omega..........!

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    A fool and his money are soon parted as they say. As long as swivel eyed loons buy em Omega will keep making em. I'll stick with Phoenix or Timefactors too.

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    I would imagine $180.00 would seem like a bargain if you wanted to buy a Blancpain NATO for the modern FFs.

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