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    Default Role Call Vets

    Years of service

    If you are not a vet, how about spouse, mom, dad, brother, sister or even your dog (service dog).

    2 questions : (can also be included)

    What is your most thought about memory?
    What is the thing you learned and came away with most?

    As for me.....MOS 11B4V (1975-1996)
    What I think about the most is the guys I was serving with asked to live such a hard life, I wondered where they all came from.
    I learned that soldiers (generic term) are capable of much more than we think. I learned to never quit.

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    Northern California


    36C20 (Drafted)
    22 1/2 months
    Filth, Rats living with us day and night, bad food/water, hepatitis showers, people killing our men. Who kills guys in a Signal Battalion? They even killed our Sergeant Major, 39 years old. Buddhist monks burning themselves alive. People protesting what you were forced to do.

    I learned to really hate the Army, the half assed way it did things, the lack of commitment from lifers, people who chose this as a career. I could deal with the mission, I just couldn't deal with the fools. I appreciated beds, toilets that flush, most of all the freedom of civilian life. Not having some guy with the IQ of a crowbar telling you what to do.

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    I meant that any service member, from any era, any country, or their surviving family submit your tales here. Warriors are warriors, from all nations, all services!

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    0311 USMC
    4 years
    DC is a rathole
    Judge a man on how they treat people they don't have to be nice to.

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    Vancouver, B.C., Canada.


    R.C.N. (Regular), 3 Years.
    Candaian Army Reserve, 3 Years.
    Best Memory? Asian/Westpac cruise in 1984.
    What did I come away with? Learned to not complain & endure all weather conditions (& pain). Respect the deep sea, or she will not be your friend.

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    US Navy
    Active duty 1980-1984
    Reserve 1985-2002
    USS Proteus AS-19
    USS Mauna Kea AE-22
    SIMA NAS Alameda Sail Loft
    Special Boat Unit XI
    Cargo Handling Battalion 3
    Mobil inshore underwater warfare unit 103
    Now Retired funny thing every one of those commands are now decommissioned dam I am old weird to hear your ship was used for target practice.
    Whole Family from Grandpa WW1 WW2, Dad WW2 Korea Vietnam ,Uncles one of my uncles was in WW2 to my brother served in the US Navy a family tradition. The farthest back was one relative in the civil war who was a sharp shooter in the US Army my sister does genealogy and found his military records and we have a few photo's between the civil war and WW1 of some relatives who were ether US Army or US Calvary hard to tell from the photo's .
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    USAF (Retired)
    30 Years

    Multiple generations of military family members serving dating back to Civil War (CSA) to OEF / OIF / GWOT / Odyssey Dawn, etc...

    Too many good memories, assignments (both good and bad) and people I've had the pleasure to work with and those we lost through the years.

    On the flip side, I learned to despise the politics of rank & assignment hopping... witnessed too many senior Officer and Enlisted types volunteer for assignments / deployments down range for OPR/ EPR bullet fodder while losing focus of the mission at hand.

    All in all, best job I ever had.
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    British Army


    2000- 2012 Now retired.

    Light Infantry

    Royal Military Police

    Falkland Islands / South Georgia


    Norther Ireland


    I am forth generation serviceman.

    Great grandfather served with 10th Battalion West Yorkshire Regiment. Died in France in August 1918.

    Grandad served with the Pioneer Corps during and servived WW2

    Dad served with the Northumberland Fusiliers / 1st Battalion Royal Fusiliers in the pioneers plt, then transfered to The Royal Ulter Constabulary in Northern Ireland.

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