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Thread: A trip to the gunshop...

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    Default A trip to the gunshop...

    Finally bought my wife a carry gun (she has a "house" gun, a Ruger .357). Went back to the gun shop a couple of weeks ago where we tried to buy one last year (has a good rep). Last year we passed because the sales guy was a Glock fan boy and wouldn't shut up. He had been asked to leave and the manager (and two employees) gave us super help even though we came in right before closing on a Saturday - the only day/time we could go together.
    After showing and having her handle multiple guns she chose a 9mm Springfield XDS, the ambi controls (she's a lefty) and the grip size with the 8 round magazine was perfect for her.

    Pic of the XDS from Guns America (she's playing with it right now)

    We picked it up today and as were looking around she asked me if I should get a small 9mm also (I carry a Ruger SR1911) and if there were any I liked. I pointed to a Sig P938 and said "That's a nice one". She responded by noting it was less than the Sig she had looked at (which she really liked, but did not have ambi controls). I said that it was only cheaper by about $30 bucks. She told me to get it so we would both have two pistols.

    We get to go back in a couple of weeks and pick it up.

    Sig's pic of what I got coming...

    There is a reason we've been together for over 26 years

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    Default Nice additions!

    I've also got an XD and a 938, both great carry pistols. Hopefully you'll both enjoy shooting them as much as I enjoy shooting mine.

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    Thanks! Hopefully we'll get some time this week.

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    Congratulation Mike. The gun is really good and I know both of you are definitely going to enjoy the shooting.

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    I've never owned a polymer gun. The only safety is the Glock style trigger. Do you find it really safe as a 1911 would be cocked and locked ? Police shoot themselves with alarming regularity with those trigger safeties. I do know that these pistols are very accurate having seen them at the range with a good hombre behind the wheel.

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    It's also got a grip safety similar to my Ruger. You have to be gripping the gun pretty well. Personally I like the extra safety my SR1911 has (and the P938 also), I'm used to it. I'm also a big proponent of keeping you "booger-picker" away from the trigger until you're ready to make holes, so that's what I've been training my wife (and kids) to practice.
    The XDS is a nice little gun, those Croatians seem to know what they're doing. We shot it a little out back the other day. Snappy little thing. Only thing I don't like is the front sight, it's translucent red and I have trouble picking it out quickly (as my wife did too) so we'll be replacing that eventually. Depending on how well she likes how the Sig shoots, she may steal that one from me. I won't mind as long as she shoots whatever gun enough that she is comfortable with it.

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    Looked interesting, but I can't get it to play (page loads up fine, but it freezes after I accept their conditions).

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