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Thread: This bear attack happened a few miles from me

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    During my year in Vietnam, 66-67, m16s were used to shoot and kill Vietnamese tigers, water buffs and several thousand NVA. there were even a few elephants left but they were way up in Laos and Cambodia. when the hill people were armed, everything that you could eat was shot.

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    Scary stuff, the wildlife in some places!
    The worst I've had to contend with is irate plovers when you get too close to nests/chicks, or a 15lb. pike that actually prefers you not try to unhook it... ;-)

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    The guy is really very lucky indeed. By the way all the pictures are just too good fantastic i would love to visit and experience everything that i am able to see in these pictures.

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    I was in Yellowstone Park for a weeks camping in the late 80's. I remember the ranger induction to the park.

    How do you tell the difference between a brown bear and a grizzly bear?

    Well if your being chased you will likely end up in a tree.... if its a brown bear it will come up and get you..... if its a grizzly bear it will knock the tree down then eat this point you know which bear your dealing with....

    I decided that the best thing was to stay on the official camp sites and not go off trail

    We have bears in the UK.. you can see them outside night clubs, we call them bouncers, some don't have ears....

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