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    Hi All- This was my Gran's vase from her father who was in the Boer War and brought it back from Africa. It has the God Horus (I think?) for arms (ears?). I was wondering if anyone knows of a good free appraisal service . Thanks -Ron

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    How sure are you that the vase is Egyptian ?
    To me it looks like it could be Oriental probably Japanese.
    It appears to be made of brass or bronze with Champleve enamel or a type of cloissone.
    You also haven't stated the size but on observation and in my opinion it is not a high quality item and if I were selling it retail I would expect somewhere in the region of $150-200.
    Happy to hear if anyone else has similar or differing views.

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    This type of bronze casting was popular in the 20s. I have a beautiful large casting in the form of a brazier. It is much more intricate that this piece. It's attractive because it is big and heavy. The cloisonne at the top has what? Is that a woman peeking over the line or a bunch or flowers? A lot of this stuff came out of Italy as well. Here are some mystery things that I'd love to have accurately valued:

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    Both are pieces of art if we are not sure about the age and region of the first one no issues it really is a masterpiece 2nd one looks great though. It seems the person who made it spent a good amount of time on it and was mighty skillful.

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    Hi Ronbo

    More likely its North African either Morocco or Algeria, both pieces are very morrish in design, shape and artwork

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