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Thread: Off-track Hawaiian Adventures

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    Default Off-track Hawaiian Adventures

    This is only my second time to Hawaii, but I found these monuments somewhat by accident. Thought some of you might enjoy as much as I did.

    For those that are military looks to be a great place for family vacations, reasonable and plenty of entertainment for little ones. Hopefully be able to take better advantage soon!

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    Nice post, dcn.
    I got a marine biologist buddy who lives on Oahu, I would love to pay him a visit some day.

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    Here is a little known museum at fort Derossy on Waikiki next to the Military Hotel that's next to the Hilton. A lot of cool stuff worth checking out. Also the hike up Diamond Head that was a US Army look out for the artillery battery that's now the Museum. One hell of a view from the top of Diamond Head.

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