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Thread: Aussie Vietnam Machete

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    Default Aussie Vietnam Machete

    Mate of mine picked this up and showed it to me on a recent fishing trip, he got it of a Vietnam Veteran - anyone got any info of the make or model


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    This definitely looks like an Australian made machete. It is a "Golok" type used by both British and Australian forces in Borneo and Australian forces in Viet Nam.

    Have a look for two stamps on the right hand side of the blade end of the wood scales - /|\ and MA. If so MA is the maker's mark for the Lithgow Small Arms Factory NSW. The number following MA is the year of production: MA65 for 1965, MA69 for 1969 etc. This model only appears to have been made between 1965 and 1972. The scales are made from Queensland coachwood.

    The sheath appears to be a much later issue than Viet Nam. The number 8465/660115820 is an Australian issue NSN for a Sheath, machete. The marking C.C.9/03 is the manufacturer's code (C.C.) and indicates that the sheath was made in September 2003. You can see that "C.C." has been stenciled but the 9/03 has been hand written/painted on.

    Nice find. I hope it doesn't live on a fishing boat in a salty environment otherwise it will end up a valueless red lump of rust in no-time flat!


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    The beer bottle in the photo is just the right touch.
    The Aussie soldiers I saw in Vietnam (66-67) were all up in I corps and were some of the most squared away strac people I'd ever seen. The most outstanding guy was a staff weenie who was security for a General or other high ranking person. He had a chrome plated PPSH 41 with a round 71 rd magazine. His uniform looked like it was in a parade, perfect creases and nary a wrinkle to be seen.

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    Dave, the 'staff weenie' was probably not friends with these SAS aussies........

    I had one of those machetes back in Oz, I think it had MA66 stamped into the wood but that's all I remember.

    cheers, John

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    Nice machete! Congrats to your friend.

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