I have no need for this rifle, I don't like scopes, I like the way America used to make things. I saw this carbine in the lone gun shop here in town, I had to have it. The price was $350, the same weapon would sell for under $200 elsewhere, but out here in Kommieland, all firearms are at a premium.

This carbine was built in 1949 67 years ago. It looks unfired. It came out of some estate here in town. Mossberg made these types of rifles for the US Army, Navy and Marine Corps as training rifles. Theirs had peep receiver sights and a longer barrel, but as you see the sling mount and type is identical to military weapons. This one has an 18" barrel, a 7 shot magazine and a swivel on the front of the stock which was a popular feature at the time. The 2nd or 3rd year of production (1949-1957), the swivel stock was changed to a black plastic material. The bolt handle was also changed from a barrel type end to a ball. This rifle sold for $27 and the optional Mossberg 4X scope added $9 to the price. The sling is factory original and is a 1" military leather piece, similar to a sling on any military rifle. These Mossberg 22 rifles are known for their accuracy and this one is no exception. Even with a windy day, I was able to hold the target on an SR-1 target at 100 yds. I've never shot a 22 rifle at 100 yds, but with about 8" of elevation, it put them right in. The trigger is adjustable down to about 4lbs, the bolt action feeds ammunition when handled briskly. If you try and baby it the result may be a jam. The magazines are rare and sell for $75+ when found. They just don't make guns like this anymore. In this almost unfired condition, they are extremely rare. Even the rubber eyepiece on the scope is in perfect condition. There is an attached receiver peep sight that folds up out of the way should you want to remove the scope.