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Thread: 1938 Elgin 24hr Dial "A-12" Navigation Hack Wristwatch

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    Great to see it went to a good home and this mythological beast has finally been found. Was a lot of fun watching the story develop and prove true!

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    Pete, I have the same superstition about not posting until the watch arrives. Congratulations on your fine and rare acquisition. Joe A.

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    First off, I wouldn't change a thing about it. If it was mine, I'd hesitate before cleaning and servicing it.

    I notice it has a bimetallic balance wheel, whereas later 532, 539, 554, 580, etc... movements in this family have solid, single metal balances. Does anyone know when this change took place?

    If you do ever get this serviced, I'd like to know about the hacking lever, if the spring for it is integral to the lever or attached to the pillar plate.

    I wonder how the am/pm indicator works.

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    Hi bobbee,

    Well it looks as though my Elgin A-12 pictured in this post has just become less rare! I'm not a member of that watch website yet, but maybe I should join and share what information that I have. Scott McCoy serviced mine, photographed everything and I kept it original to how I bought it and how I am positive it came from the factory even though it doesn't keep perfect time due to the original mainspring being bent and it's balance being a different type than what we typically find in that movement. I decided that as long as it runs as it's designed to that keeping it original is more important than keeping perfect time. I will be posting the photos taken during its service and information about what Scott learned for me when I have the time and feel up to it.
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    I've actually come across one of these A12s.
    It is not as interesting as the one posted, as it has a civilian case without the markings, but has that same subdial indicator.
    I'm planning to get it fixed up by a professional watchmaker and take it from there.
    does anyone have any info about how other A12 have done on ebay?
    is there a better place to sell this other than ebay?

    Also, how could these have been used for prototype and then also for non military use, with this non branded case?

    Also, the elgin records shows that there were only 100 of these made, does that sound accurate?

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    Hi Nat, do you have a photo of the case back? It may give us some clues.

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    Hi All
    I had the good fortune to service Pete's A-12. Just so you know it was the "Hairspring" that was bent causing it to gain time. Since this is a Prototype there is no way for me to know a replacement number or a interchangeable part. I have a number of the 1938 subsecond movements but don't know if they will interchange, but they do look the same....Just an FYI.....Pete, again thanks for letting me work on it..Sooo Cool...Merry Christmas to all. Scott

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    Thanks Scott! I apologize for my error. I meant hairspring! I am a bit under the weather and not concentrating well enough right now to have probably even posted until the weather clears. Thanks and I appreciate you sharing your information.
    Pete a.k.a. Dudleyvon

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