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Tyne on Wear.

24th Foot - Rorke's Drift ??


24th Foot. I read "The Washing of the Spears" when I was young and was in awe of the thin red line because of it. I managed to get to the home of the 25th Foot but was too far North.
Tyne on Wear.... a fabulous little town. We arrived sans lodging and the wife wanted to stay in an old haunted pub maybe 300 years old. I looked at the room and it was the size of a refrigerator box for $100 a night. Made for people that were small. I declined. Went across the road and there was a beautiful old abby. We stayed in the rooms over the stone stable, huge, really old and neat. No ghosts. I stayed once in a 100 year old log built lodge in Montana. It was on the Blackfoot reservation and was absolutely huge. Near Whitefish. That thing had ghosts walking around all night long. I don't frighten easily but that place was like a spirit barn dance. Right up until daybreak. I left next day.