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Thread: Some thing new to the gun collection

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    Default Some thing new to the gun collection

    Well I want to do some backpacking and camping and some day hikes this spring and summer in Montana due to grizzly's being around. I wanted a light hand gun went to the gun shop to look what they had and got a idea what to get a few weeks ago. Well the other day I got this.

    A Taurus Tracker revolver stainless 44mag only holds 5 rounds enough if bear spray don't work or wind is blowing my way and it would be better to use the gun instead.

    The bear repellant kit

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    Good plan. Start shooting early and from far away. Taurus makes excellent firearms. Essentially a South American S&W. This makes me recall the incident where a mother and her teenage son were hiking in AK armed only with a cell phone. The bear ate mom and screwed up the kid. Imagine having to watch you mother eaten by a wild animal?

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