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Thread: Was able to pick up the Rugwr SR1911 this afternoon....

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    Default Was able to pick up the Rugwr SR1911 this afternoon....

    I have to wait until the weather clears up to shoot, hopefully that will happen before my father-in-law goes down South. Looking forward to it.

    Lot of pistol for the money IMO, $745 total (NYS taxes included).

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    That really does seem like a lot of bang for the buck doesn't it? Beautiful finish, I love the grips. Has all of the accessories, fast lock time hammer, 1911 spring cover I would bet that every part interchanges with a similar GI part too.
    nice sights. looks to be a Commander size? Ruger makes great products and guess what folks? All steel, no plastic, no sheet metal. I reload 45s and shoot for about $3 a box. There is no penalty in using lead projectiles in the 45 ACP. Brass never wears out and never needs trimming. Excellent purchase.

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    Yes Dave, Commander sized (Ruger calls this one the SR1911 Commander ). So it's NYS legal out of the box (7 round magazine). If there wasn't a snowpocalypse tomorrow I'd go shooting. My father-in-law has a great reload set-up, actually passed on an older one to my boys. I plan to take advantage of that. I already stripped it down. No surprises. I'm very happy with it.

    As an aside I just found out that almost 1 out of 6 residents have concealed carry permits in my county (Columbia County, NY). 10002 permit holders (as of last Friday) with approximately 63,000 residents. We also have probably the most efficient, gun-owner friendly staff that handles permits in the state. The chief clerk (a lady) holds very low cost (basically covers ammo) "familiarization" parties for ladies who want to check out guns. She brings her own guns (11-12) to a local range and walks the ladies through handling guns safely and trying out different calibers and models.

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