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Thread: A surpise another forum did for me

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    Default A surpise another forum did for me

    Well I belong to a few watch forums and two have gun sub forums so member who don't care for guns don't see it in the watch section. Well I posted the next target set up I was going to get at DWC we get away with a lot of stuff there and not as stuffy as WUS this one just as cool. But I got home and some thing was on the front door step what this I did not order any thing. Well on the box was from your friends at DWC.

    They forgot the metal plate had this one made up in Belgrade MT pacific steel it should work

    I was surprised as hell well I gave away a lot of stuff at the DWC forum before and got a few thing also but this was cool of them about 15 member pitched in. Now I got to use it before winter kicks in we got snow coming on Sunday.

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    Looks like you have something the use that M1911A1 on.....

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