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Thread: I've always wanted one of these, M2 folding knife

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    Default I've always wanted one of these, M2 folding knife

    It looks ok but that is going to be tested if/when it arrives.

    Should be here tuesday and I'll do a review of it.

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    I asked when I got it if there was any info on where it came from and was disappointed when the seller said that the only thing known was that "someone" gave it to her husband when he was a child. I asked a couple of days later (today) if she would mind asking him if he could remember anything and mentioned that I look for the history and was interested to know if it was a military history. She came right back a few minutes later with this: "hi problem..we r on vacation right now but when we get back (husband) will be in touch with you regarding his dads army unit etc. so glad you were Happy with the transaction"

    I patiently await.

    In the meantime the knife is the properly marked one that would be issued during WW2 to the 101st and (maybe the 82nd) according to the research.

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