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Thread: Navigating site is being delayed by connectingwatches

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    Default Navigating site is being delayed by connectingwatches

    Is there some problem with that site? When I try to navigate the site I can see that causes my computer to delay. This is even with my newest computer which is just a couple of weeks old and as fast as it gets.

    I tried to go to the website itself and the same thing, can't connect. It times out trying.


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    I wanted to attach a photo to my post. I can click on attachments, but the message says I have 'already uploaded a maximum of 5 files....??????

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    We do not allow images to be uploaded to the server hosting the forum software.

    For hosting images read these instructions -

    Where are you seeing a button to upload attachments, as this option should be disabled for all usergroups ?

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